Nine Reasons Why Press Is My Favorite Macca Video


Paul McCartney released his sixteenth solo studio album, Kisses on the Bottom. It is essentially an album of Paul McCartney singing really, really old songs like a really, really old man and creating an entirely new genre in the process–easy easy listening. I might actually be able to enjoy it when I’m–I don’t know–sixty-four. Or something.

No, really, it’s okay, but after listening to it and nearly falling asleep, I had to go back to what is probably my favorite solo Paul McCartney (not to be confused with Paul McCartney & Wings, Paul McCartney and Wings, or Wings) song for about an hour on repeat to remind myself that the man once had edge: “Press,” from 1986’s Press to Play. “Press” also happens to be my favorite Macca video.

Macca waiting to get on the tubeWhere’s Macca? Can you spot him among all the lonely people on their way to jump on the tube? 

SYNOPSIS: “Press” is a video that shows Paul McCartney, former Beatle, riding the tube (just like all the common people do) and miming his latest single, “Press.” No one that appears in this video is a paid extra. These are all real people riding the tube. And they think nothing of Paul McCartney standing around, picking his nose, singing. It’s completely normal. As early as 1963, Macca was telling journalists that one of the things he missed most about becoming famous was riding a bus. Well, in 1986, he was able to make a dream come true and use public transport once again. Luckily, it was all captured on film, and here nine reasons why it’s my ultimate favorite Macca video.

9. Little known fact: it features a cameo by Yoko’s cousin


I don’t know. I just think that’s really cool.

8. It shows us what a great person Paul McCartney really is, part one: helping a kid, who is obviously lost, find his way in the tube station.

Paul McCartney is just so darn nice. And cool.

7. It shows us what a great person Paul McCartney really is, part two: he spares some change for a street musician.

It’s probably fake money, but whatever.

6. I don’t know, but I think I see Robin Williams’s inspiration for Mrs. Doubtfire

Maybe? Kind-of-sort-of? I really don’t know. Let me just use this opportunity, though, to say that this is my favorite Macca Mullet. Ever. Salt ‘n’ peppah. He should bring it back. Just. Sayin’.

5. Two words: no comment

Except to say that I really, really, really love Paul McCartney.

4. Macca totally fits in with the crowd; he acts like a completely normal person

I just think that’s really refreshing.

3. It shows us that Paul McCartney cares about his fans

This is totally not a set-up. Real person, real fan, real t-shirt, real Paul McCartney. If you don’t think this is the sweetest thing ever, then you probably also hate kittens and think Fredo didn’t deserve to be killed in Godfather II.

2. Paul McCartney, at 44, is still The Cute Beatle and can still totally pull chicks. 

Linda is notably absent from this video. She would not be happy. (That perm totally clashes with Paul’s mullet, by the way.)

1. Paul McCartney picks his nose

This is probably the coolest thing ever. Yeah, I’m actually 12.

Don’t take my word for it, though, watch the video for yourself. Have a different favorite Macca video? Don’t tell me unless you want me to inform you that you have absolutely no taste because “Press” is the best video EVER!!


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