2013: A Review

WordPress sent an annual report of my year in blogging. They offered to post a summary of that report to my blog for me, but I find my words much more fascinating and charming and interesting than their phrasing, so here we are!

In 2013, I continued to write about people and films and television programs and musicians and other topics that are not popular or relevant or even interesting to the general population because I am not a trendy person. But they’re important and interesting and blog-worthy to me, and that’s why I blog about them. I am really into dead actors, dead musicians (RIP Ricky Nelson, gone 28 years today, I have not even been alive that long), and black-and-white television shows and films that people have forgotten or have never even heard of.

Now for some stats, straight from WordPress:

  • The busiest day, traffic-wise, for this blog was July 19, when everybody and their monkey (who evidently had nothing to hide) was reading about Chest hair, medallions, and three-part harmony, oh my! This was during that time (like, six months) where I listened to nothing but the Brothers Gibb.
  • Another popular topic and search engine term drawing people to this blog was Montgomery Clift. (Remember when I wrote about The Young Lions and the Best Actor Class of 1951?) I love that dude and plan on re-watching all of his movies in 2014 and devoting thousands of words to his rare gift.
  • Count Petofi is still an authority on Dark Shadows, of course! Sadly, people had to read year-old posts about Dark Shadows, but WordPress says those posts have “staying power.” Of course they do, WordPress. Barnabas Collins is a 200-year-old Vampire, Angelique is the witch that never dies, and Quentin Collins has been growing sideburns and drinking Sherry since the 1800s. That is the definition of “staying power.”
  • Visitors from 97 countries visited this blog. Cool!

Now, because I find myself that fascinating, here’s some of my favorite posts (and maybe some of yours, too) from this past year:

  • The Jam, A Gift…: A post about The Jam’s final album, its deluxe treatment, and my favorite picture of Paul Weller (it’s a really flattering picture).
  • My 18 Favorite Lines from My New Favorite Movie: The Odd Couple was my favorite movie I watched this year (although I saw Saving Mr. Banks today and it was absolutely wonderful). I am putting a post-it on my wall that reads, “We’re all out of cornflakes. F.U.” And I am going to look at it whenever I feel sad.
  • Best Actor: 1951: A start to a series (that I never continued) discussing and ranking best actor nominations in a given year. This series will hopefully make a return to this blog at least once in 2014!
  • Match wits with Ellery Queen…and see if you can guess WHODUNIT!: Ellery Queen was one of my favorite television programs I watched this year (along with Band of Brothers, which I am not emotionally ready to write about, and Person of Interest). It was so much fun, and Jim Hutton is wonderful. Tentative goal for 2014 is to finish reading all the Ellery Queen novels. Ha!
  • Ordinary People: From Jim Hutton to Timothy Hutton…I love this wonderful, beautiful drama, directed to perfection by Robert Redford (who is also beautiful).
  • Two Takes on Sabrina: I feel like I have to include this for two reasons. The first reason is Paul Giamatti. The second reason is that someone told me I look like Sabrina in the 1995 version. But mostly because PAUL GIAMATTI (who was also wonderful in Saving Mr. Banks, which I should write about soon).
  • The Young Lions: I just love Montgomery Clift. If we really want peace on earth, I think the obvious solution would be releasing a complete Montgomery Clift film collection on BluRay because if there ever was a face that was made to be seen in hi-definition, it was his.       

There were so many things I wanted to write about this year that I didn’t get around to, but stay tuned in the coming weeks! I want to write about Saving Mr. Banks. I want to write about All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release, a new book about the Beatles that I actually loved and learned something from. I want to write about how wonderful The Beatles On Air: Live at the BBC, Volume 2 is. I want to write about The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. I want to write about Band of Brothers. I want to write about the Nelsons. So…stay tuned. Happy New Year!