Stephen Stills, 'High'
High and welcome to my brand-new-never-before-been-touched-by-human-hands (just by the Hand of Count Petofi) blog, cursed with my musings about a few of my favorite things, including Dark Shadows, Paul McCartney’s salt ‘n’ peppah mullet, three goggles, Damon Albarn’s gold tooth, and classic films (sometimes I even watch movies not starring Montgomery Clift, ha…no really, I do). I do not blog about cars, however, because 95% of my car knowledge comes from Beach Boys lyrics. So be here or beware the curse of the Hand of Count Petofi!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Always wanted to be touched by “The Hand of Count Petofi” for some strange and twisted reason. I just discovered this blog…looks interesting.

  2. BTW, you should check out the newly opened Dark Shadows forum from the producers of “The Drawing Room” podcast. Its main focus is the original series, and it’s looking very promising. You can find it at collinwood.net/forum –

  3. I don’t know about darkness (dark shadows or otherwise) but I like the postings of the music greats that I enjoyed in my younger days… Rick Nelson, the Beatles, BeeGees, Monkeys, etc.

  4. Hi Brittany,
    Love your blog makes me happy when I’m sad.
    Like you, caught myself watching X-Men~Days of Future Past a few times :)))

    Thanks for sharing!

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